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幾天前剛離開福爾摩沙的外國人士表示: 肅殺的平靜在各地都已經確立,但是槍決與逮捕仍然持續。很多福爾摩沙人逃到山裏,他們害怕若回家將會遭到殺害。
****** 三日屠殺 ******
一位剛由台北抵達中國的美國人表示: 從中國來的軍隊三月七日抵達台灣後,展開三天的縱情殺戮與掠奪。一時間只要任何人在街上被看到就被射殺,民宅被闖入並殺害居民。據說嚴重的地方,街道上滿佈屍體
有些被砍頭,有些屍身殘缺不全,婦女則遭到強暴; 這位美國人說。
****** 許多人被傳單所騙 ******
據報導,福爾摩沙人正尋求聯合國對此事件採取行動。有些人聯繫外國領事,要求將台灣交由聯軍最高統帥管轄,或是成為美國的保護地。福爾摩沙人對中國人的敵意加深了,兩位描述發生在屏東事件的女士表示,當福爾摩沙人接管城市時唱的是美國國歌"The Star Spangled Banner."。
March 29, 1947 - New York Times
by Tillman Durdin
Formosa killings are put at 10,000
Foreigners say the Chinese slaughtered
demonstrators without provocation
Nanking, March 28, Foreigners who have just returned to China from Formosa corroborate reports of wholesale slaughter by Chinese troops and police during anti-Government demonstrations a month ago.
These witnesses estimate that 10,000 Formosans were killed by the Chinese armed forces. The killings were described as "completely unjustified" in view of the nature of the demonstrations.
The anti-Government demonstrations were said to have been by unarmed persons whose intentions were peaceful. Every foreign report to Nanking denies charges that Communists or Japanese inspired or organized the parades.
Foreigners who left Formosa a few days ago say that an uneasy peace had been established almost everywhere, but executions and arrests continued. Many Formosans were said to have fled to the hills fearing they would be killed if they returned to their homes.
****** Three Days of Slaughter ******
An American who had just arrived in China from Taihoku said that troops from the mainland arrived there March 7 and indulged in three days of indiscriminate killing and looting. For a time everyone seen on the streets was shot at, homes were broken into and occupants killed. In the poorer sections the streets were said to have been littered with dead.
There were instances of beheadings and mutilation of bodies, and women were raped, the American said.
Two foreign women, who were near at Pingtung near Takao, called the actions of the Chinese soldiers there a "massacre." They said unarmed Formosans took over the administration of the town peacefully on March 4 and used the local radio station to caution against violence.
Chinese were well received and invited to lunch with the Formosan leaders. Later a bigger group of soldiers came and launched a sweep through the streets.
The people were machine gunned. Groups were rounded up and executed. The man who had served as the town's spokesman was killed. His body was left for a day in a park and no one was permitted to remove it.
A Briton described similar events at Takao, where unarmed Formosans had taken over the running of the city. He said that after several days Chinese soldiers from an outlying fort deployed through the streets killing hundreds with machine-guns and rifles and raping and looting. Formosan leaders were thrown into prison, many bound with thin wire that cut deep into the flesh.
****** Leaflets Trapped Many ******
The foreign witnesses reported that leaflets signed with the name of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek promising leniency, and urging all who had fled to return, were dropped from airplanes. As a result many came back to be imprisoned or executed. "There seemed to be a policy of killing off all the best people," one foreigner asserted.
The foreigners' stories are fully supported by reports of every important foreign embassy or legation in Nanking.
Formosans are reported to be seeking United Nations' action on their case. Some have approached foreign consuls to ask that Formosa be put under the jurisdiction of Allied Supreme Command or be made an American protectorate. Formosan hostility to the mainland Chinese has deepened.
Two women who described events at Pingtung said that when Formosans assembled to take over the administration of the town they sang "The Star Spangled Banner."

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